Extracts from recent letters

“A heartfelt thank you. Forever grateful to Bencurtis Park for everything they did for mum. She had a wonderful 20+ years with you all”

“We would like to thank you and the staff for your help given over the past 18 months. I did not really know how good the sheltered housing at Glebe was until mum moved in.”

Our survey of residents included feedback comments such as:

  • “Carry on the good work.”
  • “Warden service most helpful. Great comfort to know there is always help when needed.”
  • “I am happy here.”
  • I moved in to Glebe Housing a year ago, it is one of the best housing associations I have ever used.”
  • “Being allowed independent living with GHA back up is a bonus in your retirement years.”
  • “Very satisfied.”
  • “Almost everything in Bencurtis Park is excellent.”
  • “I love being a resident in GHA, I am very happy and safe with plenty of friends.”
  • “I have lived here for just under 4 years and so far find things most satisfactory.”
  • “I have lived here 21 years. I have been satisfied while I have lived here.”
  • “My wife and I are very comfortable and happy at Bencurtis Park. The staff and the wardens are very kind and very, very helpful. We would not hesitate to recommend having a home here.”
  •  “Overall, I love living here.”
  • “It is peaceful and I feel safe.”
  • “I would like to thank GHA for giving me the chance to be near my son and family and feel I’m back among the living once again as I was so isolated and didn’t communicate with neighbours (all at work). Now I’m quite happy, thank you.”
  • “I like the friendly village atmosphere.”
  • “It is a very re-assuring place to live.”