Am I eligible?

Our housing is exclusively for older people. All persons wishing to register interest for sheltered housing with Glebe Housing Association must complete our Housing Application form which can be requested by contacting the office. The completed form should be submitted to the address provided on the form. Assistance can be provided with completing the form if this is needed and you should contact us if you need any help.

Once the Association receives your application, it will be screened initially to determine if you meet the criteria for housing. If you do not meet this criteria, you will be notified at this stage. The Sheltered Housing Manager will then arrange to meet you to fully assess your situation and your need for housing. This will include visiting you at home and requesting certain documentation in support of your application. This process may also include contacting agencies to obtain supporting documentation.

Applications are assessed in accordance with the following criteria.

Age: Applicants must be aged 65 or over to be accepted onto our waiting list. We may accept an application from someone who is aged between 60 and 65 if there is evidence of a particular need that could be addressed by moving into sheltered housing.

Medical & Social Ability to Live Independently: All applicants must have the capacity to live independently and manage their tenancy. It is recognised that some applicants may need to avail of support to enable them to live independently. Applicants should be able, and prepared, to live within a community without presenting unmanageable risks to themselves and others. Any medical condition or social supports needs must not be such as would place an inordinate demand on the housing support services.

Housing Need: Priority will be given to applicants who are in housing need, based on current housing security, condition and length of time the applicant has had to endure unsatisfactory conditions. Time on Glebe HA’s waiting list will be considered when allocating homes.

Connection to local area: Applicants must be, currently or in recent years, a resident of the Borough of Bromley or the immediate surrounding area, or have close relatives who are now resident in the area. Applicants who need to move to the area to be close to relatives for support may also be considered.

Income: Applicants who are unable to secure accommodation suitable for their needs, from their own resources will be prioritised when allocating homes. Applicants who own their own home but have a preference to sell it and move into sheltered housing will be considered, however, no more than 1 in every 4 lettings will be allocated to such applicants. 

Other Factors: Applicants must have UK residency and be in receipt of an income. Applicants must have a clear history in terms of criminal or anti-social behaviour or other tenancy or neighbourhood related activity. Applicants deemed to pose a potential risk to other residents or staff will not be accepted onto the waiting list.